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Life Coaching

Life coaching can be interesting for those who are a little off-course, who have forgotten what their goals in life are or people who long for balance. We learn how to make choices and mistakes. The future is open, we look forward and work on our self confidence. We achieve this by saying our desires out loud, by working together on the development of a better version of ourself. I will support you in this process by asking targeted questions and by preparing challenges. Slowly we will realize that life is beautiful, we accept that 'good' is 'good enough' and we will choose for health and happiness. With all this, we learn to say yes to life, learn to let go and use the strength of positive persuasion.


Life coaching will help you find your destination in life, help you discover yourself, help you set goals and help you set the steps to reach them.


Some central visions

  • Who do you think you are?
  • Who do you think you want to be to get the life you want?
  • Let you personal strength run free :
            radiate confidence and construct a fascinating personality.

  • Mirha
  • Develop independence, personal strength and a warm charisma.
  • How loyal are you to yourself?
  • You are always right, so choose where you want to be right.

  • Mirha