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Dr Ann PAstijn



In 1998 I graduated as a gynaecologist at the Vrije Universiteit te Brussel( VUB). During this period, I also followed a supplementary course concerning the pathology of the breast at Université Louis Pasteur in Strassbourg. However, I had the biggest part of my education in the UMC St Pieter in Brussels. There, I learned that working in a universitary environment didn’t exclude keeping a warm, personal approach. The logical consequence whas that I became a staff member at St Pieter where I first began to work in the pluridisciplinar breast clinic ISALA and at the same time built the first pluridisciplinar pelvic floor clinic of Europe, together with a team of different specialists. In the meantime, I became head of this unique pluridisciplinar clinic in the centre of Brussels. Knowledge, high-level surgery but also friendship and trust go hand in hand here between gynaecologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, physical therapists and other specialists.

I have been living in Zaventem since my youth and I thought it was fun to bring my experience from my universitary environment in Brussels to my home town; meanwhile, Mirha exists since 2001. It didn’t take long before I couldn’t follow the flow of patients. That’s why we surround ourselves with the best specialists on each level, so we can offer the best care to our patients.

With my husband, who always stood by my side and supported me, I have 4 magnificent daughters myself now who broadened my view of life.
These personal experiences make the accompaniment of pregnancies and deliveries a bit more unique.