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Dr Elise Maes

Dr Elise Maes


Attracted by our cosmopolitan capital and by norms and values such as free research and critical thinking, I started my medical education in 2006 at the VUB. During my education I got the chance to do an internship in different disciplines, both in Belgium and abroad.

My interest quickly turned to gynecology, partly because of the close bond that can be build with the patient over the year and in all different phases of life, the confidence that ensues and discussing problems that are not easily discussable.

During my specialization, I worked in different hospitals in the 3 parts of Belgium, and I developed an additional interest in female urinary incontinence and pelvic floor problems. In this way, after my training as a gynecologist, I found my way to the pelvic floor clinic in the UMC Sint-Pieter. Here I ended up in a strongly driven, progressive and warm multidisciplinary team.

Working at the pratice in Zaventem means for me that I can practice the different aspects of gynaecologie in a pleasant environment and with a sufficient amount of time for the patient. Working here is a real pleasure!