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Dr Anne-Charlotte Verduyn

Dr Anne-Charlotte Verduyn


In 2005, I moved from Antwerp to Brussels. This gave me the opportunity to broaden my view and study Medicine at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). During these years, I did a lot of internships in Belgium as well as abroad like in Kenia and Israel-Palestina.

I decided to specialize in gynaecology at the VUB and for five years, I worked in different universitary centers in Brussels, Antwerp and South-Africa.

After my specialization, I continued to work as an all-round gynaecologist at the CHU Saint-Pierre, where I am also doing a fellowship as a breast cancer specialist at the Isala breast clinic. I saw a lot of women being treated for breast cancer during the years. They always made a deep and lasting impression on me, so I wanted to go the extra mile for them.

I am happy to reinforce the Mirha team in Zaventem. Here, I can cover almost all aspects of gynaecology in a pleasant and multidisciplinary setting with a patient-centered approach.